Does Hairstyling products causes hair loss?

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Hair is of the most precious gift from nature. But all of us are not as lucky to have it as we want. Like, many of us want straight hair where we have the curly one, where one like curly but includes the straight one.

Also, hair loss has become the most disgusting things most of us often have to face.

However, those who have hair often want to keep it stylish.  For that, we often use different hair styling products.

Now, there is a big question. It is about whether those hair styling products is good for your scalp and hair. So, in this article, we will discuss it. We will learn what type of products are helpful and safe and at the same time, which one should be avoided for the harmful effects they impose.

First, we will learn about the product we should avoid and how they damage our hair and scalp. Next, we will learn about those we can rely on. We will finish this short discussion with the idea of how we can choose a good quality hair styling product. So, keep your concentration to be aware of what you are using.

What type of product can cause hair loss and damage?

To say it honestly, most of the hair styling products can cause hair loss and hair damage. Mostly the cheap commercial products are more likely to be dangerous. But it doesn't mean that you can completely rely on the pricy products. Even, there are a lot of costly hair styling products that are very dangerous for your hair and scalp.

So, you have to keep a keen eye on the product's manufacturing ingredients to select it for your hair.

There are a lot of harmful ingredients like polyethylene glycol. Besides, products that are made of alcohol are also very bad for your hair. Also, many of you use hair wax, hair spray, hair gel. Do you think all of them includes elements that will make your hair healthier? Of course not. Instead, most of them have nothing inside them that can help your hair to grow healthier. We made a list of harmful ingredients with their negative side in the next point. So, when you will buy hair products, you can check the ingredients list of that product and can be sure whether it should be used or not. When you find some of these harmful ingredients in the list of that product, then it should never be given a try on. So, have a look at the next point carefully.

What are the dangerous ingredients that can damage your hair?

Yes, thousands of hair styling products used tons of ingredients that are very dangerous for your hair and scalp.

The list below includes the most common and harmful dangerous ingredients. You should have a glance over them.

Alcohol Most of the cheap hair products include alcohol. But it is very harmful as it makes your hair drier and causes immature hair breakage. So, you must avoid products with alcohol special Isopropyl alcohol or propanol. But if the alcohol is Cetearyl alcohol and Stearyl alcohol, then they are not harmful to your hair.


It is another very harmful ingredients that, most of the cheap product includes. It is actually used for the preservative to prevent the products from bacteria. As well as damaging your hair, parabens are also responsible for breast cancer. So, always stay away from it.

Aluminium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate

You will find these things in most of the cheap hair styling products. They are directly responsible for hair loss and freezing hair. So, never use products with these harmful chemicals.

Sodium Chloride

It is a kind of salt that most of the hair styling products including various shampoos and conditioners use to increase the consistency. But these chemicals can cause hair loss and thinning hair.


It is a very harmful chemical that the cheap hair products manufacturers use as a cheap preservative. If you continue using hair products including these chemicals, you will soon suffer for it.

The fragrance that are not natural

To add fragrance with those cheap and synthetic hair products, they often use lots of fragrances that are not natural. So, they can cause irritation, rashes and also can lead to hair loss.

Synthetic color

Just like those synthetic fragrances, to make those products colorful, they use lots of unnatural colors that they preserve from coal-tar sources. These unnatural colors can also be responsible for your hair loss.

Other Harmful chemicals

Thousand of other chemicals the hair styling products manufacturers use, which can do no good but can cause hair loss and damage in various ways. For example: Dimethicone, Petrolium derivatives, Retinyl Palmitate, Triclosan, etc are also used commonly in various hair styling product that you always should avoid.

Hopefully, you have understood which ingredients you should check before you select your hair styling products. However, you don't need to worry about where it is very difficult to find good quality hair Products. No, it is not difficult at all. You just have to check the ingredients list and ensure that it is safe. Now, the question is how you can be sure that it is safe, right? To learn about that, you have to read the next point.

How can we choose a good hair styling product?

Yes, it is easy to find lots of good and safe hair styling products near you. So, you don't need to lose hope. It is true that most of the hair products manufacturers used those harmful ingredients, we have mentioned in the previous point. But there are also many companies that produce natural and non-toxic hair care products. When you check out the ingredients list of those products, you will find none of those dangerous ingredients in that. Instead, those natural and organic products use a lot of naturally found ingredients. Those natural products may not have a special fragrance and color look. Because they don't use synthetic fragrances and colors.

So, don't get offended if you find not sparkling colors and fragrance in your natural and organic hair products.

One thing you must be considered that you cannot find those natural and non-toxic hair products with a few coins. Think about it clearly, is it very easy to produce products with only natural ingredients? Noo, they need the money and hard work. This is why natural products can be a little costly.

What about the hair styling tools?

Just like various cheap hair styling product, there are lots of hair styling tools that can promote hair loss. Those hair styling tools that work with being heated like hair dryer, curler, straightener, etc can cause immature hair breakage. Also, when you use a hair dryer, the heat often directly hits on your scalp. It is very dangerous because it kills your follicles. Also, in the parlor, they use the different tools that also damage your hair. Specific, the bleaching and other chemicals they use to make your hair straight and shiny, are the most harmful for you. So, don't trust the cheap treatment of your hair. Go natural and organic. Always remember that hair is not an easy thing to deal with. Once you lose it, you will never get it back just like it was before. So, don't use the tools and unnamed products that will make you suffer for a long period of time.

Final Thought: In Short Hair is one of the ways to beautify ourselves. But it is a very sensitive thing that needs care and affection to deal with. If you treat your hair harshly and experiment unnamed and cheap products on it, it will punish you by leaving you.

So, be gentle and caring for it. Remember that not all the people have the fortune like you to have a full head hair. And also, remember that if you lose it by any chance, it will not be very easy to get it back. If itis, then you don't have seen so many people with full and half baldness. This is we suggest you be caring for it before it is too late. As it is very sensitive, you should never use whatever you get near your hand. Check it twice whether you are going with natural and organic products for your hair.

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