Men Pattern Baldness

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Pattern Baldness is also known as the pattern hair loss. Both male and female can suffer this unwanted hair disease. But, in the case of men it is much more common.

Actually, pattern hair loss has now become so common that it is now taken as a very simple and common issue. But, the person who suffers from it, can only understand how irritating it is.

In accordance with U.S. National Library of Medicine’s words, more than 50% of all men are suffering from this disorder when they are over 50.

Hair is the most important thing in the case of human beauty. And when it is not usual and healthy, the biggest part of his/her beauty is hampered.

So, thinking about it, we have decided to make a discussion about this pattern baldness or pattern hair loss.

Here, our discussion will start with the issue itself. That means what is this disorder. After that, we will move for it’s cause, syndrome, and effect elaborately. At the end, you will get some tips for it and the possible solution will also be added.

Hopefully, it will come as a little help for you to know about this common disorder.

What is pattern baldness?

The unusual hair loss and baldness that occurs in the middle or the front of your scalp is actually this hair disorder. So, what do you think? Isn’t it very common in our society? Yes, it is.

However, when it happens to a man, then it is called the male pattern hair loss (MPHL). Also, in some rare cases of females, it is occurred. That time, it is called the female pattern hair loss(FPHL).

In the cases of men, it generally occurs in the receding hairline of their scalp. But it is a little bit different in the case of females. For them, it makes their hair thinner and results with rapid hair loss.

However, pattern baldness is also known as androgenic alopecia. While in most of the cases, alopecia occurs temporarily, this androgenic alopecia is not temporal rather than a permanent disease.

One of the biggest problems it causes the psychological breakdown in most of the cases. Being often offended in society and culture, men with such disorder are often fed up and want to get rid of it.

So, this can never be something good. However, to stay away from such problems you have to learn about its cause and other facts. For that, please keep your eyes on the next sections.

What causes pattern baldness?

Every day, we all lose hair. Losing 100 hairs a day is normal. But it becomes unusual when hair falls but not grows.

When the hair growth is disrupted, you are going to have baldness. Typical the hair growth is disrupted when the follicles in your scalp are destroyed.

However, the causes of pattern baldness are the same as the causes of the destruction of the follicles. Let's see why it occurs.

Genetic problems

The most common cause of this disorder is the hereditary of the family. If you have someone with this problem in your family, then you are at risk of having so.

Also, the tendency of having baldness increases as your age increases. Because of having such genetical imbalance, you may have weak follicles that will be destroyed soon.

Hormonal problems

For men, the male sex hormone androgen is a great cause of this problem. The imbalance of androgen and DHT in men are enough to destroy the follicles of your scalp.

Besides, the hormonal imbalance of females, especially during pregnancy, childbirth, menopause and thyroid problems, can cause such irritating disorder.

Stress and psychological disorder

Excessive stress and depression can be an efficient cause of your baldness. Because, stress, depression and many other psychological disorders can change the balance of the hormone. As a result of this, you may have your follicles destroyed.

Again, for some cases, people have a temporary hair loss when they have psychological or physical trauma. But it is repairable.

Excessive hair styling products.

Another cause of the destruction of your scalp follicles is the use of excessive hair styling products. Most of those products include lots of chemicals that are very dangerous for your scalp.

Shampooing too much

Washing your hair with shampoo and conditions 2 to 3 times a week is okay. But when you do it regularly then it will destroy the follicles.

Medicines and therapies

There are several medicines and therapies which are used as the treatment of cancer, arthritis, depression, heart problems, gout, and high blood pressure can cause the temporal and permanent destruction of your follicles.

So, these are the main causes behind the destruction of your follicles as well as pattern baldness.

For this reason, you should stop the issues that are in your hand like shampooing regularly or using too many hair styling products etc.

The way you can detect that you have pattern baldness.

This actually indicates the symptoms. We mean, the way you can point out that you are going to suffer pattern baldness.

It should be pointed out soon. Because as soon as you take the ways to repair it can be more effective. So, it is essential to know the symptoms of this annoying and embracing disease.

A. Gradual thinning of hair on the middle or top of your scalp.

It is the most common symptom the appears in men. In the first stage, the hair of your middle or front side of the scalp is thinning rapidly.

When it is too much, you will have a few hairs left on that portion. That indicates the disruption of normal hair growth.

In the end, you have no hair left on that particular part of the scalp. It means the follicles have already been destroyed.

So, you should take proper steps when you find out the gradual thinning hair on your scalp.

B. Alopecia

Alopecia is commonly a temporal hair disorder that creates coin-sized baldness anywhere on your body and especially on your scalp.

When you find such a disorder on your scalp, you should take necessary steps to stop it. Because the ultimate result of Alopecia can be the pattern baldness.

C. Ringworm on your scalp

Keep your eyes on your scalp. If you have some Ringworm on your scalp, it is not a good sign at all.

Ringworm on the scalp does not appear alone. Rather it creates broken hair, redness, swelling and, at times, oozing and so on. And ultimately, it causes pattern baldness.

D. Gradual hair loss with significant weight loss

If you have lost your weight anyway and noticed that you are losing your hair gradually, then you should do something instantly. Because it can be ended with pattern baldness.

So, you should keep your eyes on these facts. All of these signs indicate pattern baldness.

Unfortunately, there is no easy and quick cure for pattern baldness. But some suggestions we can give you that are supposed to be good to activate your follicles. To learn about that, you have to keep your eyes on the next sections.

But before that, we would like to add some tips that will help you stay far away from pattern disorder. These are for those who are not a victim of this yet but at a risk factor.

Things that help to Prevent pattern baldness

Yes, if you maintain some issues, it is possible to avoid this disorder. Please, have a look at them below.

1. You should avoid direct sun exposure

Long time sun exposure is very harmful to your hair. It can kill the follicles of your scalp with the help of the ultraviolet rays.

So, you should try to avoid direct sun exposure, especially from 11 am to 4 pm. Because, sun exposure is too straight and acute and will cause much harm to your follicles.

2. You should try to keep your hair unfold most of the time

Binding hair for a longer period of time will create long term pressure on your follicles. You should always keep them free and in relaxation. This way, the follicles will stay strong and healthier.

For men, we suggest not to use any kind of hairband. Because men's hair is not so long and so, the root will get much pressure if they are bound up. So, never keep them inbound for a long time.

3.You should stop using too much hair product

Many of you are too conscious about hair and love to experiment with it. Using various hair products is not a rare case for them.

But believe it, most of those products will never bring any good except being a help for just style. Except some rare items, which are 100% natural & also brings thraputical benefit to your hair along with styling.

Also, they may contain a lot of harmful chemicals that are enough to destroy your beautiful hair.

4. You should avoid harsh therapies like hot oil therapy

Many of you are used to take different hair experiences. All of those therapies are not good for your scalp.

Most therapists use hit waves, hot water, chemical substances ect which are very dangerous for the follicles. These can kill them for good

So, be aware of those hush therapies. Also, try to treat your hair gently.

5. You should use chemical free shampoo

One great thing you can do to avoid such disastrous things is using shampoo which is free from the use of harmful chemicals.

The chemicals that many commercial shampoo manufacturers use are actually not good for our scalp. Even they can kill our follicles too.

In this case, you can use shampoo rich in Natural & Botanical extracts without synthetic criminals.

But you have to ensure that you are avoiding shampoo as well as other hair products with harmful chemicals.

Maintaining these good habits, you can avoid pattern hair loss. Now, let's talk about the ways a person who is already suffering from this can get rid of it.

Step by Step Treatment to Cure pattern baldness Naturally

This section is for those who have already been a victim of pattern baldness.

As we have said it before that pattern baldness has no easiest cure. But the suggestions below can help you activate your dead follicles though the possibility is not so much.

1. Stop smoking and taking drugs.

First of all, you have to stop taking drugs as well as smoking. The elements those drugs contain like nicotine, are very harmful for your hair.

As you take those things directly, the elements soon mixed up with your bloodstream. This can cause cancer.

Again, the polluted blood is one of the most effective causes of getting baldness alongside various skin disorders.

So, without quitting the drag and cigarettes inhalation, don't think of fighting with pattern baldness.

2. Keep your scalp covered with a cap.

As we have already said, excessive sun exposure is dangerous for your hair follicles, you should make a habit to cover your hair up.

When you go outside in the sun shine and cover up your hair, it will get a shed and stay cool. It will not get wet and dirty too.

So, by covering your hair up, you can still save the follicles that are still alive.

3. foods with more protein

You must know that your hair is made of protein. So, if you are in need of protein, how can you fight any hair disorders?

Taking sufficient protein will promote your hair growth. Also, it is useful for the betterment of the follicles.

You should ensure that you are taking enough according to your body requirement per day if you want to fight hair fall.

4. Take yellow, red and orange vegetables more.

Fourthly, it is vegetables. You know that vegetables contain a lot of minerals that are very helpful to keep your follicles alive.

Among all kinds of vegetables, those that are colorful like capsicum, tomato, carrot, bit root etc are good at containing minerals good for keratin.

So, make sure that you are taking much of those vegetables.

5. Eliminate stress and sleep well

Without having a habit of getting proper sleep, it is tough to fight hair falls.

You should maintain the right way to have proper sleep. We are referring to maintaining a particular sleep time and duration.

Also, it is necessary to have a stress free life. A Simpler way to live is better. We are saying it because stress and depression are the most common cause of rapid hair loss and so to pattern baldness.

6. Use essential oils

Many studies have found that use of different essential oils are very effective in this case.

Here, We will suggest you to use oils like eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil, sage oil, peppermint oil and so on.

These oils are experimentally proved to be helpful in regrowth of hair. So, you can give them a try.

Or, you can use specialized Hair treatment serums formulated professionally with these kind of oils

7. Drink more water

It is not just for your hair growth but also for good health.

Sufficient water in your body will never let you be dehydrated. So, it will come as a great help for you to supply sufficient liquids to the follicles to keep them alive.

So, ensure more than 4 liter of water per day. It will help to regrow your hair.

8. Some natural supplements can also come as a great help.

Dermatologists and scientists have invented a lot of medicines that will also come as a help in such situations.

If you want to go on this way, you should choose DHT supplement with biotin, medicine with hair formula and rich in selenium, manganese, zinc etc.

If you are so obsessed with your baldness, you can go for a hair transparent although it is a very costly procedure.

However, to fight pattern baldness, you can talk to your doctor. These are not guaranteed cures. But they may come as help. So, you can try these if you want to give a try on it.

Final Thought: In short

Pattern baldness is like a nightmare to anyone as it has no easiest cure. It is irritating and is enough to break you down psychologically.

You may not get back all your hair again easily if you have already been a victim of it. But if you have your hair left, it is still possible to avoid pattern baldness.

So, we suggest you follow all the precautions before it is too late.

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